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Reviews for Organic Com-Peat Soil

Here, at Shadow Mountain Events, I have about 3 acres of cool season grass I take care of. There is one bad place in particular. The soil under the grass is a gravelly sand. Typically, during the heat of the summer, I have to water that section every other day in order to keep the grass looking like the rest of the field. I amended the grass with a heavy dose of COM-PEAT this summer with the hope that it would add some much needed organic matter and increase the water holding capacity in that difficult area. The material exceeded my expectations. For the rest of the season, the grass remained a beautiful shade of dark green, and I was watering it about half as much. I will continue to use this product in the future and would recommend it to anyone who asks.
Jeff Collins
Shadow Mountain Events
Chelan, Washington

“Our company has planted 54,000 new apple and cherry trees. All of this planting was in replant situations. We used COM-PEAT in every tree hole and would not plant a tree without it. We feel that the growth we have gotten has more than made your product a good investment. Since we have used COM-PEAT , we have not lost a tree from natural causes.”
Bob Gibeaut
Brewster, Washington

“We have used the Bonaparte Peat mix as a planting medium for hanging baskets. We started in May with planters containing 100% COM-PEAT , and some with 50% COM-PEAT and 50% 3-way topsoil and finally, some with 100% 3-way topsoil.
After 3 months we made evaluations. The flowers in the 100% COM-PEAT were far superior in color, vigor, growth rate and stress tolerance than any of the other flowers. The flowers in the 50% COM-PEAT graded out as second best. The COM-PEAT held moisture exceptionally well and the nutrient content of the COM-PEAT provided the flowers with plenty of good food. We were all very surprised and pleased.”
Richard Styer, GCSAA
Golf Course Superintendent
Meridian Valley Country Club
Kent, WA

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