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“We have used 10% Bonaparte Peat in a sawdust compost in which we’ve grown greenhouse tulips for over 15 years. We feel that the Bonaparte Peat has contributed a good amount of calcium to our mix, which we feel is beneficial. We also believe that the Bonaparte Peat has been a great buffering agent in the mix and we believe that it helps control certain soil-borne diseases.”
Richard Roozen
Washington Bulb Co., Inc.
16031 Beaver Marsh Rd.
Mount Vernon, WA

“We have been using a divot mix with 20% Bonaparte Peat on our driving range tee. We move tees daily, seed with annual Ryegrass, and fill divots with the mix. This program has allowed us to return to each tee area after only 14 days rest. We have improved from a situation of a dry, sparse tee area to a quality, healthy tee.

Our driving range success led to application of the mix on golf course tee areas. The results have been nothing short of dramatic. This program reclaimed localized dry spots and improved the health and appearance of our tees.

We would recommend this mix (with 20% Bonaparte Peat) for shortening recovery time on driving range tees and improving the quality of golf course tees.”
Jeffery D. Ellison
Assistant Golf Professional
Michael A. Tight
North Shore
4101 North Shore Blvd. NE
Tacoma, WA

“We are a private Country Club with over 400 golfing members. Our course was designed to accomodate a membership of closer to 250. We could not rotate our tees enough to allow full recovery. We started using a Bonaparte Peat, sand, seed mix to topdress divots. The results were excellent. Soon we were utilizing the product on our driving range tee, and then we made it available in the Pro Shop for the membership to fill divots in the landing areas of the fairways.

In my opinion, we don’t know all the applications of this product yet, but I do know it has a permanent place here at Fairwood Golf and Country Club.”
Fredrick Carbonatto
Fairwood Golf and Country Club
17070 – 140th Avenue Southeast
Renton, WA

“Meridian Valley Country Club is a private 18 hole golf and country club with a full golfing membership of 400. Each year we host the Safeco Classic, an LPGA tour event.

We have been using the 80% sand and 20% Bonaparte Peat mixture with seed as a divot repair material on all of our tees. We have been very pleased with the quick germination and rapid healing time. Our tees have never looked better. Because of the rapid germination and short healing period, we are able to better utilize our teeing areas, especially the par threes. We leave a bucket of the mix on each of our par threes and the members fill their own divots. Now they are requesting buckets placed on the first tee so they can carry a supply with them and fill divot holes in the fairways. It sounds great to me!
Next season we plan to use the sand and Bonaparte Peat and seed mixture as top-dressing for some of our “weaker” tees following coring. We also plan to incorporate some of the mixture into hydrophobic areas on our fairways and use it to help bring some dry and crusty mounds back into optimum condition.

(This) is an exceptional product. I urge anyone associated with golf courses, nurseries, or any related fields to give it a try. Bonaparte Peat is a first rate tool that I highly recommend.”
Richard Styer, GCSAA
Golf Course Superintendent
Meridian Valley Country Club
Kent, WA

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