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Com-Peat Organic Registered MaterialOrganic Com-Peat soil is a unique organic soil mix developed by North Country Distributors which contains Bonaparte Peat. Organic Com-Peat soil can be used in gardens, lawns, orchards and in all types of tree plantings, both fruit trees and ornamentals. Organic Com-Peat soil can be used for fruit tree replants, and new orchards.

Com-Peat use in lawn planting creates better and faster seed germination. Using Organic Com-Peat soil in orchards improves results in many ways. It can be used to mulch around mature trees, and can be used in the planting holes of new trees. Using Organic Com-Peat soil in the orchard results in better growth, better root development, better survival, and better production.


Organic Com-Peat soil is specially formulated using Bonaparte Peat to address the needs of growers who produce all sorts of organic crops, including apple orchards, pear orchards, stone fruit orchards, nurseries, and greenhouses. Organic Com-Peat soil is excellent for use in vegetable gardens, and in growing annuals and perennials. Annuals and perennials grown with Organic Com-Peat soil are significantly taller, bigger, and flower more prolifically. They are also more drought resistant than those grown in normal soil. Tomato plants grown with Organic Com-Peat soil are very hardy, and are prolific producers of dense, flavorful tomatoes. Click on thumbnail to enlarge.

Soil Restoration and Enrichment


Specific Apple Replant Disease
SARD occurs in older orchards. Old trees can tolerate a “buildup of harmful microorganisms, but young trees cannot. Methyl bromide fumigation often eliminates SARD, but also eliminates beneficial mycorrhizal fungi.

ORGANIC COM-PEAT SOIL alone or in combination with soil fumigation stimulates root and tree growth in SARD soil:

  • inhibits harmful microbes
  • neutralizes toxic microbial metabolites
  • encourages growth of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi that aid the plant in uptake of water and nutrients.
High Arsenic

  • poor root growth
  • reduced development of mycorrhizal fungi necessary for growth

ORGANIC COM-PEAT reduces arsenic to a non-toxic level as does activated charcoal.

  • roots grow vigorously
  • encourages beneficial mycorrhizal fungi

Low Soil pH (acid soil)

  • results from long use of ammonium-nitrogen fertilizers
  • roots inhibited by toxic levels of aluminum and manganese
  • nutrients such as boron, zinc and phosphorus are less available
ORGANIC COM-PEAT’S high pH (6.02) and high buffering capacity keep roots in ideal pH growing range.

  • aluminum and manganese held at normal levels
  • all required nutrients available to root system for good growth
  • protect roots from excessive fertilization

Low Fertility and Low Nutrient Holding Capacity

  • insufficient nutrient uptake
  • reduced root development
  • stunted tree growth

  • absorbs fertilizer for slow release action
  • delivers high count of beneficial bacteria to soil and root system

Soil Compaction

  • reduced aeration
  • inadequate water distribution
  • poor root development and penetration
ORGANIC COM-PEAT improves soil texture and particle size.

  • improves aeration
  • provides excellent water retention and percolation
  • encourages root development and penetration in soil

Water Stress

  • results from infrequent or non-uniform irrigation
  • rocky or highly drained sites fail to hold moisture
  • poor root development
  • poor growth
ORGANIC COM-PEAT has exceptional water holding capacity

  • promotes new roots
  • provides needed drainage for excess water
  • good water movement brings needed nutrients to root system


  • damaged root system limits nutrient and water uptake
ORGANIC COM-PEAT’S chemical and microbiological activity may suppress parasitic nematodes resulting in healthier roots and increased growth.

Toxic Herbicide Levels

  • inhibited root development
  • poor growth
  • poor root development
  • poor growth

  • roots grow vigorously
  • encourages beneficial mycorrhizal fungi

Variety and Rootstock

  • vary in their ability to tolerate replant problems
ORGANIC COM-PEAT provides a healthy rooting environment independent of variety and rootstock.

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