Bonaparte Peat

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Bonaparte Peat

Bonaparte Peat is Hypnum Peat from a high mountain bog in North Central Washington. A 1974 survey of Bonaparte Peat Bog estimated its size to be 4 million yards of harvestable peat, predominantly Hypnum Peat. The bog is located over a limestone deposit, as are most hypnum bogs, which gives Hypnum Peat a relatively high pH factor (6.0), and high buffering capacity.  Optimum pH for most plants is 6.2 to 6.8. It has high chelating capacity of soil nutrients due to its organic matter content. Bonaparte Peat is also used in the composting process, as it speeds the decomposition of organic materials.

North Country Distributors is the exclusive provider of Bonaparte Peat (hypnum peat), with its higher level of organic matter and high microbial diversity.


Bonaparte Peat has a variety of uses. It can be used as golf course soil for divot repair, greens enhancement, and fairway repair. Using Bonaparte Peat on your golf course will help keep the greens, the fairways, and the tee boxes looking good for the entire season.


  • Divot Repair – Bonaparte Peat , when mixed with sand and grass seed, produces a faster and higher rate of germination. Repair time of unsightly divots is greatly reduced.
  • Greens Enhancement – When plugging your greens, Bonaparte Peat , mixed at an 80/20 ratio with sand, increases both the water-holding capacity of the soil and grass quality. Your greens will look better for the entire season.
  • Fairway Repair – A light cover of Bonaparte Peat after seeding, enhances grass seed germination and grass growth for faster repair. Keep your fairways continually looking great.

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Try Bonaparte Peat and compare the results for yourself!

Bonaparte Peat is also excellent for use in mushroom production. Mushrooms grown with Bonaparte Peat are higher in mineral content, which improves their shelf life.  Mushrooms grown with Bonaparte Peat are also heavier. Bonaparte Peat is shipped in bulk bags to mushroom farms. Each bag is 2 cubic yards, about 1,800 pounds.

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