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CannaSoil Organic Registered Material

 Cannabis Soil

One of the newest products here at North Country Distributors is Cannabis Soil, a unique peat soil that is REGISTERED FOR USE IN ORGANIC PRODUCTION. Cannabis Soil was engineered for cannabis cultivation. It contains only completely organic, all-natural products. Thanks to its high-quality ingredients, Cannabis Soil produces cannabis that has a subtle taste and aroma. This organic soil consistently yields a superior-grade crop for any size cannabis operation.


Benefits of Cannabis Soil

Here are just a few of the benefits of Cannabis Soil.

Cannabis Soil Encourages Root Development

A high buffering capacity and neutral pH helps keep roots in the perfect growing range. This improves aeration, which promotes new roots and helps establish root penetration in soil. In addition, it brings vital nutrients to the root system.

Cannabis Soil provides excellent water retention.

Cannabis Soil Improves Soil Texture

An increased particle size produces the perfect soil texture for cannabis cultivation.

Because Cannabis Soil is made with OMRI listed Bonaparte Peat, research has concluded:

It has a high buffering capacity, due in large part to the high content of humic materials resulting from the decomposition, primarily humic acid with a lesser amount of fulvic acid.  The high humic acid content gives Bonaparte Peat high ion binding capacity, or, more accurately, high chelating capacity.

Nutrients are retained, thereby allowing plants to continue growing longer than plants without Cannabis Soil

It increases the buffering capacity and pH can remain stable with the additional of fertilizers –compared to other mixes where the pH drops dramatically requiring the addition of lime.

The fact that Cannabis Soil consists of highly decomposed sawdust and OMRI listed Bonaparte Peat accounts for its:

* high and unusual microbial populations and humic acids,

* high bulk density and water hold capacity– it may feel dry but still contains significant water

* high buffering capacity, pH and Calcium content

* enhanced rooting due to rooting hormone activity present in the peat, possibly related to the fulvic acid content.

Contact Us for More information About Cannabis Soil.

For more information about purchasing Cannabis Soil or organic bulk soil, organic peat soil, potting mix or compost, contact us today at 509-486-4182. We would be more than happy to answer any questions that you have about any of our products.

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