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Peat Soil

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All of our products are from the USA

Located in the foothills of the North Cascades mountains, North Country Distributors has been one of the top landscape suppliers in Tonasket, Washington and the surrounding area since 1978. We offer soil mixes for all of your needs.

    • Bulk soil–Perfect for landscaping businesses, our professional-grade bulk soil is perfect for all of your business needs.


    • Organic Peat soil–Gives plants a boost of nutrients that helps them grow healthy.


    • Organic compost–Our organic compost helps feeds plants and build soil. It provides an active source of organic matter that is required by plants to thrive.


    • Aged sawdust–This high-quality, premium sawdust is perfect for a variety of uses.


    • Bonaparte peat–This peat provides the ideal pH range for most plants.


    • Beauty bark–Provides nutrients needed for green, healthy plants.


    • Organic peat soil — Approved material under Washington State Department of Agriculture organic food program


    • Potting mix–Reduce the amount of watering and enhance plant growth with our organic potting mix.


    • Organic bulk soil–Registered for use in organic production


  • Organic Potting Soil–Features a combination of decomposed organic matter and beneficial bacteria.


In addition, we sell two unique soil amendment blends that are Registered for use in organic production by Washington State: Organic Com-Peat and Cannabis Soil

Bonaparte Peat

Our Bonaparte Peat is hypnum peat that comes from a high mountain bog in North Central Washington. This peat soil has a higher pH than other types of peat. With a pH factor of 6.0, Bonaparte Peat is ideal for nurseries, golf courses and similar fields.


This organic soil can be used in lawns, gardens, vineyards, nurseries, as well as with ornamental and fruit plantings. It is also perfect for new orchards as it helps increase water retaining capacity in difficult areas.

Cannabis Soil

The right soil is essential in cannabis cultivation. Soil quality will affect the quality, aroma, and yeild of your crop. Cannabis Soil is specifically designed for growing cannabis. This high-quality unique soil mix is blended to maximize your cannabis crop. It keeps roots in the right pH growing range, which encourages vigorous root growth. This results in great flowing and the best yields. Cannabis Soil is contaminant-free and is Approved material under Washington State Department of Agriculture organic food program, a unique soil amendment blended to maximize the growing of cannabis.

Aged Sawdust

Aged for 30 years, our high-quality sawdust works perfectly when creating your own mixture of soil. It is also excellent for nursery use and for blueberry mulching.

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For high quality organic compost, organic potting mix, organic peat soil or bulk soil, contact us today at 509-486-4182. At North Country Distributors, we are a family-owned and operated business and are dedicated to providing the best peat soil, bulk soil and potting mix to our customer. We also pride ourselves on providing friendly, personalized service.


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